Bubbleye studies the relationships between users and their games focusing on key aspects like theme, art style, pace, type of play, and hundreds more.
The result: a precise understanding of why each user likes the games they play, and what they’re most likely to play next.
Beyond age, gender or location, Bubbleye understands what each of us likes, and delivers just that.
Maximize the performance of your ad campaigns: harness the power of Bubbleye through blazing fast APIs to increase CTR and retention.


Founded in 2016, AES Gaming and EVOS eSports have grown significantly to become Indonesia’s most prominent eSports organization.  With their core focus on high quality branded content, AES and EVOS have redefined the way eSports works in Indonesia and allowed their brand partners to create engaging and appealing content to target young male millenials.


Founded in 2013, Arcstone has successfully delivered solutions to global and innovative companies based in the United States and Singapore. Arcstone was founded upon the belief that manufacturing processes and equipment management can be monitored, maintained and controlled through fully operationalizing and unlocking the value of data.

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Logo03Cargobase is a software company and a logistics company in one. Our team exists of logistics experts and software engineers and we meet a lot with companies that have problems getting in control of ad hoc freight. We make cloud software that solves ad hoc freight problems and gets companies in control of ad hoc freight.


Pie was founded in 2013 by Thijs Jacobs and Pieter Walraven, two product guys fed up with the poor state of enterprise software their workplaces forced them to use. At Pie, we set out to build the best tools for work, starting with chat — the foundation of a collaborative and happy workplace. We believe all software should be fun, fast, and easy to use.


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